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    Creating chapters within Presenter?

      Is it possible to group slides together within chapters, so that the viewer will only see the chapters as a whole, rather than having 40-some slides listed?
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          robva65 Level 2
          One easy method you can try is this:

          For slides that you don't want to have shown in the navigation/outline tab of a published deck, simply set their status to hidden while in PowerPoint.

          Just be aware that once you have hidden slides, as you move from the Chapter slide to the "regular content" slides, you'll loose the highlighting that normally occurs in the nav panel. To help in terms of usability issues, what you might want to consider is including "chapter/page" information directly on the content slides so that viewers will have some sense of where they are in your presentation.

          Example: Slide 1 is a Chapter slide. It's not hidden so it'll show up in the nav. Slide 2-9, although set to "hide" in PowerPoint, also have a text box somewhere on the slide that says something like "Chapter 1: XXXXXXX / pg 2"


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