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    Distorting a Jpeg with a clipping path

    Andymc7 Level 1

      Let me first say that I love using clipping path jpegs made in Photoshop. They can be used in InDesign of course, batched and converted to other formats which need transparency, and so on... The one irritating part is that there's no easy way to distort or scale the clipping path and image together after the file has been created, or at least not that I'm aware of.


      For example, I'm working on a piece of furniture which already contains a clipping path, but the client wants the image straightened (or, the perspective from the camera removed, which I don't like actually). So, is there an easier/faster way to do this instead of having to first distort the image, then manually try to line up the clipping path, or worse, remake the clipping path?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks