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    Bullets Don't Line-up

    misspage003 Level 1

      Hi All,


      I am about to lose it here I'm so frustrated with my bullets. I am trying to line up all my bullets in a text frame and even though they are all formatted exactly the same, half look different from the other half. I have an image on the left, set with text wrap, and a text box going over the image so that the text wraps around it. The text to the right of the image will not line up at all. The spacing between the bullet and the text is wrong and then the next lines are even more off. The text I have below the picture is lined up perfectly. I've even tried seperating the text into two different text boxes and then adjusting the bullet settings and nothing is working. Sometimes, even though I make changes in the bullet settings box, nothing actually changes on the screen.


      I do not have this problem when a picture is on the right and has the exact same text wrapping set. Everything lines up perfectly then. I have no idea how to fix this since the Adobe help is useless and everything appears to be set exactly the same way.


      I've attached a picture of the issue. You can see the "Fruit" section at the top is nicely lined up. The "Vanilla" section is a complete mess with the first two bullets looking different from the rest.GlutenFreeGuide_Pg4.jpg


      If anyone can tell me what to fix I would appreciate it so much. I have wasted over an hour trying to make this work.