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    Multi-camera freezes - video freezes CS6

    acmputr Level 1

      Hi All,

      I am running CS6 and CS 5.5 side by side.  Both CS6 and CS5.5 are fully updated and patched.   The system has an Nvidia GTX-570 video card with the latest driver.  Windows 7 x64 is patched and updated.


      In a 1 hour 3 camera talking head shoot set to edit in multi-camera mode the CS6 freezes.  The audio will play but the video remains on the initial frame and does not advance with the audio.  Once this happens I can close the multi-camera window and the video will remain frozen in the regular playback window even with the video playback res set to 1/4 res.  CS6 needs to be closed and reopened to get back to normal operation.  I rebuilt the project in CS5.5 and it runs great in multi-camera mode and plays back real time at 100% playback res.


      It appears to be a project file issue of some sort.  The CS5.5 project file = 1,293 KB and the CS6 project file = 1,617 KB.  The CS5.5 project has 3 times the sequences in it yet is smaller.  Could this be a project file bloat issue like the one CS5 had?


      On that same machine using the same install of CS6 I have a 2.5 hour 5  camera shoot of a band that plays normally and edits in 5 camera  multi-camera mode real time at full res with no issues.


      Has anyone experienced this freezing in CS6 and has anyone figured out why and how to fix it?