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    Whats the correct way to cacheasbitmap when animating on the timeline


      After i finish the animations I find that every keyframe has the instance field blank so i have to fill in the instance that was named at the beginning of the animation.
      is this normal? when i state that instance to cacheasbitmap is it caching it every new keyframe since it thinks theres a new instance ocurring? or will it cache once and then use that for each keyframe following, the animations include a static image moving around the screen in classic tweens.


      also should i be using graphic symbols instead of movieclips? for 100+ things that need to be cached? i hear graphic symbols are much more efficient then movieclips but i dont know anyother way to cacheasbitmap with a graphic symbol, it wont let me assign an instance name.s there any other nuances or details im missing or doing wrong when using this feature? I have an imence amount of vector art that is being cached at the beginning of the level and so far it runs okay but less than perfect. I just want to make the art more efficient.