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    "re-resource" an isolated .indd file (automated process?)

    hotwheels222 Level 1

      hi all.


      i am trying to edit a .indd file that i have in a folder over here (along with a pdf and a jpg version). i am new to the software and it is obvious to me that i should be saving something more than the indd.


      is there a good way to re-associate the backup data so that it is in the same folder as this indd file - or how does this work exactly?


      i mean, it opens OK but if i want to edit something it would be good to have the associated data. at the same time - when i put it together i was on a deadline and working fast and my images moved around quite a bit. so these images are all in a folder somewhere and i suppose i could manually go through and find each of them but i would really prefer not to spend all this time doing this.


      can anyone help me out on this question but also tell me how i should handle this in the future?


      Thank you in advance,



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          When you Place images youare linking to them where they are currently located. ID stores a pointer to that location, and as long as you don't move the linked files ID will have no problem finding them.


          That said, if you run the Package command from the File menu, ID will create a new folder inthe location of your choice and make a copy of both the .indd file and everything you need for output, and update the links inthe copy  to the package location. There is also a command in the Links panel menu to "Copy Links To..." which will makes copies of all th elinsk andupdate the pointers without packaging.

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            hotwheels222 Level 1

            hi peter.


            thank you as always.


            so - in the case where i had a folder organization and prepared the ID file very quickly and then saved out as pdf and jpg and sent off the jpg.


            /and/ then went in and organized the images so that they were actually organized instead of splayed throughout subfolders etc. this now leaves me with an indd file that is "off in space".


            can i put the indd in a folder along with all the /possible/ images that could have possibly been in the poster and then OPEN the indd file and expect them to automagically re-associate?


            or am i literally going in there one by one and clicking on the link and then going out and finding the file.


            And THEN saving as a packaged set of files...


            you know what i am saying? i mean, i have a single file off in space but i am pretty sure i can put all the images into a folder that it is in so that they are now "together again"...


            ALSO, since i /see/ the poster now, that is because i have low res samples that are in the poster but it would be a very bad idea to actually print from this if i was needing to show it...?!


            THANK YOU

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Printing to a desktop device with just previews might be good enough for the non-discerning, but updating the links would be much better.


              If you put all the images and the .indd file in one folder, and you've set your prefs to find missing links before opeing, that should work to reassociate any links it can't find in the original locations if they are now in the new folder.

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                hotwheels222 Level 1

                hi peter. many, many thanks.


                one last clarification please on this behavior.


                A. am i correct in thinking that if i put the images in a SUB folder of the folder that contains the indd file that it will also /find/ the files or do they need to be at the same heirarchy level as the indd?


                B also - a variation on the above - if i have a very large number of images - and i want to get them re-associated by dumping them all into the same folder as the indd, can i THEN go one by one and put the IMAGES that I NEED in a subfolder and keep them there? and then presumably i would run the package save? Or would i ALSO have to re-associate the files to the the indd in this case? i mean, then have been recognized and then moved to a subfolder and keeping them in the subfolder will be most convenient but if this involves manually re-associating them i can just dump them into the same folder as the indd and be done with it...


                THANK YOU

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  A. Yes, ID should find images in subfolders of the current folder.


                  B. I would use the Copy Links To Folder command from the Links panel menu, or package the file, after restablishing the links to your omnibus folder. In either case only links actually used would be copied to the new location. Using the copy Links command would update the current .indd to the new folder location, making the omnibus folder redundant. Packaging would make a copy of the file with updated links, but the original would maintain its own links to the omnibus folder.

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                    hotwheels222 Level 1

                    thank you Peter.


                    your help is a lifesaver over here.



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                      hotwheels222 Level 1

                      hi peter.


                      can i please ask you where the Copy Links to Folder option is? I am in the Links TAB that is next to Pages and next to Layer. if i click on what looks like the stack of papers on the right i get a pulldown menu but no option for this.


                      if i click on the LINKS icon at the bottom it is showing a black circle with a line through it but it says to Option Click to "relink all missing links". if i do this it prompts me to select an image from the new folder where the indd file is and it says that it found 7 other images in this location even though there are probably forty more in this location that belong in this indd file.


                      what am i misssing here?



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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Go to to the Links panel, then open the panel's flyout menu. You should see it...