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    Using validators

    dimival Level 1
      I have a Form for adding clients to a DataBase, when you finish filling in the Form you click the Submit button which calls a function which validates every component in the Form by performing the validate() function of each Validator of the Form. If any of these validators returns and INVALID event, the form is not submited, and the form's field or fields which caused the validation of the form to fail are highlighted with a red rectangle.
      Until here, this is the common and usual behavior of the Validators, but the thing is that i also have a Cancel button which cleans all the form's fields, so i also need to reset or clean the Validators, how can i do that???? Right now when i press the Cancel button, the Form is cleaned but the fields that caused an INVALID ValidationResultEvent remain highlighted with the red rectangle, so how do i tell a validator to reset to it's initial state?? to remove the red rectangle???