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    Count IF function


      We are creating a quiz with the last column in the response file having a formula that provides a total count of how many questions the student go correct.  For this particular quiz rather than assigning values of “1” and “0”, of correct and incorrect responses, as we have done with pass quizzes, we needed to assign values of “correct” and “incorrect”.  We wrote a COUNTIF formula (=COUNTIF(A1:P1, “correct”) ) which works great on the first row.  It tells us how many responses the student got correct.  The problem is when a new response comes in and the response files adds a new row, the formula although it  appears to copy correctly onto the next row, does not work in the next row, rather it shows the same answer as the first row.  We have tried this in several test forms with the same result.  The COUNTIF formula appears to only work correctly when working with Columns rather than rows.  Is there a magic trick to getting this to work when counting responses in rows.  Again we can get it to work great if there is only one response (row) it is when you have multiple responses (rows) that the formula will not copy over correctly, it will only add one specific row and then past the same answer in all the rows regardless of how many responses you have.

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          Marco Qualizza Adobe Employee

          Hello JB7777,


          Thank you for pointing out this bug.  I do have a work-around for you:


          change your original formula from:

          = COUNTIF(A1:P1, "correct")


          = SUM(IF(A1:P1 = "correct", 1, 0))


          I hope this helps,


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            JB7777 Level 1

            Thank you very much for the help and quick reply. 




            It looks like we are getting closer.  I changed the formula as you recommend and now it is carrying the formula from one row to the next correctly when we add new responses to the data set. However, it appear to only be counting the first column/question.  If they get the first question correct it places a “1” in the quiz score column, and if they get the first answer incorrect it places a “0”.  It does not appear to be adding up all the responses in the range provided in the formula.  Did you test this formula? Did it work for you if you have a range of cells/question it should be summing?  Maybe it is something I’m doing wrong, but I have tripled checked to make sure I’m typing in the formula as you recommend.  Any additional help would be greatly appreciated.  I feel we are very close to a solution.

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              Marco Qualizza Adobe Employee

              Hello JB7777,


              It sounds like you're dealing with columns that correspond to likert fields.  If so, you've run accross a recently discovered bug that I intend on getting fixed for the next release, which I believe will be in a couple of weeks.