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    Graphics One Step In front of Screen Transitions

      The "click here" and "select this" prompts during demonstration always one step ahead of the screens they belong on... so if I move from a web page to another web page in my demo... it might say "select this button" - but the page with the button isn't even showing yet.

      How can I get the "select this" and "click this" prompts to synchronize with the screens being shown?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi sitecreations and welcome to our community

          The best way is liberal use of the Print Screen key when recording, and paying close attention to when things change. If you are recording a web based app, you click a link, the page sends a command to the server, the server fetches the page and sends it to your PC. The thing is, while that may SEEM to happen pretty quickly, Captivate grabbed the screen oftentimes before it was fully populated with what the server sent. So you perceive a mismatch.

          Hopefully that was helpful... Rick