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    Advice about most lossless way to import Mocha Project back into AE CS6

    RobertHorn2012 Level 1



      Programs using:


      Adobe Premiere CS6

      Adobe After Effects CS6

      Mocha Pro 3.0

      Adobe Photoshop



      I removed a microphone from my shot using the remove function on Mocha Pro 3.0.  That is, I tracked the mic, created a cleanplate, edited the cleanplate on Adobe Photoshop, imported the cleanplate without the microphone back into Mocha, and I rendered the new cleanplate into the shot.  Now, I'm stuck about how to get this information back into AE.  I would like to add some more special effects to this clip as well as others in the same sequnce.


      How should I go about getting my Mocha project or mocha data back into AE?



      thank you,