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    Why won't FP 11.4 work on my Mac?


      I've downloaded and installed FP 11.4 several times.  It is always "successful" and appears in the Internet Plug-Ins file... but I contiue to see the message "Blocked Plug-In" wherever I try to see a Flash Player image.


      What am I missing?






      Mac OS10.7.4

      Safari 6.0

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          chris.campbell Adobe Employee

          It's possible that Safari is seeing a different copy of the plugin, possibly something in your ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins folder.  Could you check out the Installed Plug-ins help menu item in Safari to see if you can spot Shockwave Flash?  If so, what version is reported?

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            Lee2238 Level 1



            You nailed it! 


            There was no "Shockwave Flash", but there was:


                 _Flash Player.plugin  (note the underline)


            The Info panel for it showed:


                 Adobe Flash Player   11.2 r202


            I deleted it and the current version, so no FP plugin was left.  Then, I reinstalled 11.4... and Bingo, it works!!


            I have no idea how the underline got into the name... but it camouflaged it enough that I didn't notice it every time I looked at the Plugins.  Your sugggestion made me look closer.


            Many thanks!!