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    convert .eps from CMYK black to %100 black

    mhossey Level 1

      Alright, I have a grunge vector I'm using in an opacity mask over my shapes. I need to convert my .eps grunge vector to full black, if I dont then the end result looks fine in illustrator...but when brought into PS you can still see light pieces of the object that the grunge was supposed to mask out.


      When I click the eps file and use %100 black: instead of filling the grunge bits to black, it fills the entire selection black so I end up with a big black box, and if I use the stroke, it outlines the box itself. I tried making a compound path and also expanding the grunge, then retrying but no dice. Does AI recognize this eps file as one big square selection?


      How do I get my .eps grunge vector %100 black rather than the CMYK black?