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    NEW! Import Fillable PDF Form and Collect Responses

    RandySwineford Adobe Employee

      FormsCentral now allows you to import an existing fillable PDF form and use the FormsCentral service to collect and analyze the submitted data. You no longer have to recreate your existing PDF forms within the service in order to take advantage of FormsCentral’s data collection/analysis capabilities.


      You can also use popular tools like Adobe Acrobat X Pro or Adobe InDesign to create PDF forms that work with FormsCentral.


      To import a PDF form go to the “My Forms” tab, click the More button on the toolbar and select “Import PDF Form.” Note: FormsCentral does not support PDF forms created using the LiveCycle Designer (XML-based forms).

      Import PDF - My Forms Menu Item.PNG

      Once imported the normal Design tab is replaced with an “Imported Form” tab that allows you to place a Submit button on the PDF form. You can place it on the top left or right of the first page, or place it on the bottom left or right of the last page. A thumbnail shows where the button will appear.

      Imported PDF - Form File.PNG

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      The Options tab shows options that are available for PDF forms (Note: PDF Forms do not support Redirect URLs or Payments so these are not shown)

      Import PDF - Options tab.PNG

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      The Distribute tab allows you to open the form and download the submit-enabled PDF file for distribution. The PDF file can be filled out, saved and submitted using the free Adobe Reader.

      Import PDF - Distribute tab.PNG

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      The Response and Summary Report tabs will show the data submitted from the PDF form. They function as they do for a normal form file that you created from scratch or template.


      This FAQ describes what types of PDF forms can/cannot be imported and what functionality is limited within the PDF once imported:



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