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    Issue with resizing in CS6


      I've been using CS for years and just recently started having problems with resizing images in CS6.


      I'm trying to find the right words to explain what's happening. Basically, any time I resize an image, Photoshop creates a semi-transparent, 1 px border around the image.


      For example..


      Here is the original image.



      These are the dimensions before risizing



      And here they are after.



      Here is the image after resizing.



      And there's a close-up of the issue I'm trying to describe.


      I'm not really sure why this is just now happening. I've used CS3-5 and never had this occur.


      Oh, and the same thing happens when resizing individual layers, as well. I know you can get around this by flattening an image. But when working with layers, that really is not an option.


      Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          That's to be expected, as Photoshop is assuming the canvas doesn't stop at the edge of what you can see.  It is essentially pulling transparency in from around the non-existent pixels it's sampling from out beyond the edge.


          Yes, I know that sounds bogus.  I have suggested that they should have a configuration option to stop it from assuming that we want it to sample pixels from out there, but I haven't seen any evidence Adobe thinks that's anything like a good idea.  They tend to think they know better than we mere users.


          If you want to avoid it the partial transparency being pulled in around the edge, you have two choices:


          1.  Crop all sides of your image with the [  ] Delete Cropped Pixels option cleared, so there really ARE at least some real pixels to sample from beyond the edge of the visible canvas.




          2.  Flatten your image to the Background, where it will work the way you know and love when resampled, and not pull in anything from beyond the visible edge.



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            ticktoast Level 1

            Noel, thank you so much for your quick response.


            That's quite frustrating. I'm not sure why Adobe feels the need to fix something that isn't broken. I do a lot of collage-type work in Photoshop, so this "feature" is rather frustrating when working with and constantly resizing about 20 different layers. It also makes the work arounds rather useless, also.


            Alas, I'll have to figure out some way to get by. I'll think of something haha.

            Thank you again, though.