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    DSLR project migration from FCP 7 to CS6. Use Prores 422 or natively shot AVCHD/h.264?


      I'm moving a longform documentary with about 40 hours of footage  from FCP 7 to Premiere Pro CS6. The footage, all DSLR, was converted to Prores 422 for use in FCP so it takes up several terrabytes of space.


      I'd like to delete the large Prores files and relink the sequences to the smaller natively shot AVCHD/h.264. This would save me a few hard drives and a lot of backup headaches.


      My computer is a MacBook Pro 2.66Hz Intel Core i7 with 8GB 1067 DDR3 RAM. Do you think it's fast enough to deal with the AVCHD footage? There won't be a huge amount of complex editing in the project.


      Thanks for your help.