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    AssetCache issue with Firefox & no Internet


      We are using RSLs in our swf file. So when we try to download our final swf file, the dependent RSLs like framework_xyz.swz and other dependent rsls like spark component etc are downloaded from adobe.com website. All works fine if our PC is connected to the internet.


      But say I have a machine that isn't connected to the internet, then I am facing issues. I have tried downloading all the dependent swz files into the AssetCache directory under ApplicationData folder. Among the browsers, Google Chrome only seems to work without an inet connection. IE and Firefox don't seem to fetch the swz locally from the AssetCache folder. Why is this? How do we make sure that these browsers are aware of the locally available swz files and don't try to download from the internet. We are seeing 2032 RSL error.


      Any help is appreciated in advance.