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    Diagonal Bars - Black Frames

    SForencich Level 1



      This is from a project I did about a year ago.  I recently opened it to render some output and found that many of the clips had their end portions covered with these black diagonal lines, and that the underlying video was black frames.  This project was created in CS5 and I reopened it in CS5.  The clip lengths including the bars seem to match the audio track properly so it seems the content in the is somehow shorter.  Nothing is locked or disabled and I've tried reimporting the clip with no effect.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Those lines are called Danger Stripes, and they indicate that the linked media is shorter in duration than the timeline instance.  You should troubleshoot the source media and find out why Pr doesn't like it any more.



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            SForencich Level 1

            Thanks for that Jeff.  The clips are time lapse footage from stills that were imported directly into Premiere.  The footage interprets to 29.97 so I tried changing it to 24 and now it fills out the clip perfectly.  Problem solved, but it seems pretty random that this rate change just happens.  In any case thanks for directing me towards a solution!