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    Audio stops after several seconds of playing in CS6 on PC (R3D files)

    davidfranjic Level 1



      I have recently come across a significant problem while editing R3D files in Premiere Pro CS6. When I play back my sequence the video will play fine but the audio will only play for a couple of seconds before cutting out. The audio meters continue to show that audio is coming through though no sound can be heard at all. When I stop and start the sequence again the audio begins to play again for a couple of seconds before cutting out. There is no problem with video whatsoever.


      - Has anyone else experienced similar problems or have any suggestions to what might be going on and a possible fix?


      My system specs are below. System speed should not be an issue at all as the sequence plays fine on my much slower and older imac (albeit at a reduced resolution).


      I am on an intel 3rd Generation i7 PC (quad core) running Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)

      8GB of RAM

      2GB Nvidia 650M graphics card

      256GB SSD drive for startup and applications.


      Any help would be very much appreciated, unfortunately until this problem is solved editing on this system just wont be possible.