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    Question about mapping a JAVA Interface with Flex

      I am using Granite Data Services (Java backend) with my Flex client.

      The Java server has an Interface called

      public interface IService {String getServiceName();}

      The flex client makes a remote service call on the server POJO which returns any implementation of the specified interface.

      On the flex side I have an interface
      public interface IService{function getServiceName():String;}

      As shown i am binding it to the server interface.
      From the client I make a call to the server and handle the result as shown below
      var serviceInstance:IService = (remoteO.testInterface.lastResult as IService);
      Alert.show("Service Name : "+serviceInstance.getServiceName());

      The call reaches the server and the remote method is being called however the Alert is not working.

      Please Help !!