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    Having Media Management Troubleshooting!




      So I've almost finished working on an edit using mostly C300 footage in PP5.5.


      Ive been working of an external drive, and am now coming to online and as is the custom in the post house im at, they want me to online on a different drive. This is a pritty standard scnario with a few solutions and shouldnt be a problem.... Except, for some reason the DP for this shoot kept re-setting the file nameing settins everytime he downloaded the camera cards. So there are many multiple duplicates of clip names!


      A simple copy project & media to the new drive requires a media re-link, but as all the files have the same name this is proving impractical.


      Ive tried project manager to copy the project to the new drive, and I renamed every media file with a _(number). But even with 're-name media' checked project manager fails as soon as it gets to a duplicated file name (I guess to prevent overwriting a file). Incidentially PM does not seem to be re-naming the files, though it is keeping the native C300 media directory structure, maybe re-naming the folder and all the associated media, meta data, etc while keeping the structure is a step to far for it.


      Now im compleetly stumped, has anybody got any good ideas to help sort this out. Some cleaver script that could re-name all the original media files wile letting PP know what each media file is now called?


      Thanks for reading!

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Welcome to the wonderful world of the "folder structure".


          Please consider sending strongly worded letters of discontent to Sony, Panasonic, Canon and other camera makers, explaining to them how asinine their solid state media system is.


          We need EVERYTHING in one file - video, audio, timecode, metadata, thumbnails, spanning info, etc, so that we can rename the files at will (thus avoiding any duplicates) without breaking any functionality.  You know, the way it worked for decades before solid state media came along.