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    Acrobat PDF Printer Hangs in Windows 8

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      Printer Hang.pngI am running Windows 8 Enterprise RTM  64-bit on an Intel i7-3770 3rd gen CPU, Z77 chipset. I've found that most PDF printers I have been using on Windows 7 now hang on 8, including the Acrobat X printer (latest version). I have found one free alternative that works fine, but would like to get back to using the Acrobat printer. Will Adobe be releasing an update that addresses the hang?


      Above is a screenshot afterr more than ten minutes:




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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe doesn't offer support for beta-software. When Windows 8 is released it may be supported by Acrobat X or it may have to wait for Acrobat XI. My bet is that it will be fixed. Adobe generally doesn't pre-announce its support for software that has not yet been released.

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            Bill@VT Level 7

            I have had no problem with various PDF printers in Win8 32-bit. Thus it may be the 64-bit aspect. In that case, be sure to update Acrobat as something like 10.1 is needed for 64-bit systems. Be aware that you need to deactivate Acrobat before you do any new dealing with the OS.

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              Bill@VT Level 7

              Adobe may be working on a fix for AAX in the background, but typically does not put a lot of effort into the prerelease versions because of the number of changes tha usually occur before the final release that do effect Adobe software (usually a lot). They are probably just keeping track of potential problems to test and attack when Win8 is released next month.


              In most of my testing of Win8, things are pretty much compatibile with Win7, except at this point a lot of drivers are missing. I expect a lot of folks will have problems with Win8 on legacy hardware because of driver issues (my case with my tablet -- not slate). I also replaced the metro interface with a classic Windows Start system -- what a relief. That interface may be nice for folks who like touch screens, but it is the pits for the rest of the folks and at this point MS is providing no alternative.


              I am assuming you are having problems with the print to the Adobe PDF printer (you kind of implied). To test the source of the problem, print to file with that printer. Then open the file in Distiller to see if the conversion works. If so, you will at least know if AcroTray is the source of the problem. Have you tried PDF Maker? Of course, I suspect that the 64-bit system is the ultimate cause of the problem. Win7 64-bit has been a nightmare for many folks with software that will not work.

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                DP998877 Level 1



                   Thank you for your responses. I do have the very latest version of Adobe Acrobat X Pro installed in Windows 8 Enterprise 64-bit. I purchased it because, although I had Acrobat 9 installed and working perfectly well in Windows 7, I did not want to have a licensing issue. So it was purchased specifically for Windows 8.


                  As to Windows 8 being in Beta, the final version went RTM early last month and is readily available to MSDN subscribers now, although, yes, the official “launch” date is next month, giving PC makers time to have their products ready to go on day 1. But certainly Adobe has had a little while to check for any Windows 8 RTM issues; hopefully they’ll address this one shortly or at least provide support for anyone like myself having problems. After all the two nearly identical free printers bioPDF and BullZipPDF seem to have very few issues with Windows 8 64-Bit (I did find one issue yesterday). If they can do it with give-away programs, surely Adobe can.


                   I see no way to “print to file”. Please explain and even furnish maybe a screenshot. All the printer setup, preference, etc. pages show no such choice nor do I see one given when I try to print from Word 2010, CorelDraw X6, etc. I tried printing direct instead of using spooler; didn’t help.


                   Don’t know if the 32-bit version works; haven’t tried it.


                    I emphatically agree about the Start menu. I LOVE the current beta of Start8, though I do wish they had included Favorites. Since you can only program Windows 8 Metro, Modern, etc. Apps on Windows 8, I am trying very hard to live with Windows 8 as my default OS and am just about there. But Microsoft’s abandonment of this feature for desktops is one of the most incomprehensible actions I’ve ever seen them take.

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                  DP998877 Level 1

                  Got it working. Here is the setup in Printer Properties that just printed OK from Word 2010 and CorelDraw X6. Will have to try on other programs:

                  Acrobat Printer Properties.jpg


                  The change was to make it print AFTER last page spooled. (Deadlock on the default Start Printing Immediately?). Also, this time I checked Enable Advance Printing Features, which I had not tried before. (I had also turned on some IIS features, but cannot see that would have been a factor.)


                  Am truly glad to get this resolved!

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                    Mvyess Level 1

                    Hello All

                    I have been struggling with this same problem of Printing to Acrobat PDF driver freezing up not only the print spooler, but also the software I was printing from, on Windows 7 64Bit, using both acrobat 9.4 and Acrobat X with the same freeze, stall lockup result.

                    I think this is the same problem you are having.

                    I found many questions about this online but no useful answers, and alot of fingerpointing trying to blame different programs and combinations of software.

                    The 1 solution, which created a PDF and did not freeze, was to switch of the choice of a saving location in the PDf driver and setting a fixed PDF save location instead of the ASK for location option.

                    This worked but was a real pain having to move and rename the file each time.

                    This got me thinking that there was actually nothing wrong with the PDF driver.

                    The problem seemed to be the user input to save the file to a certain location.

                    I then experimented and found that if I was fast enough with a file name, that the save to location option did not freeze up when creating the PDF.

                    By repeatedly trying to print and looking at the print dialog box I noticed that after a count of 5 seconds the Acrobat PDF print driver progress box greyed slightly (Asif loosing focus) and after that happened there was no hope of a successful PDF.

                    The 5second timer got me thinking about a windows timeout, rather than a PDF option.


                    PDF Print Freeze Problem Solution:

                    Windows 7 64 bit (And I assume Windows 8 too) has a default program timeout of 5 seconds after which Windows considers a program to be NOT RESPONDING.

                    The time during which the PDF printer is waiting for a response from you for a save location, is seen as inactive by Windows and Windows decides that the Print driver has stalled.

                    Something then changes anough to effect the driver, and once the PDF print driver is allowed to carry on and save the PDF it can't anymore and stalls.


                    Solution is to edit the HungAppTimout in the Windows Registry, and set it to something like 20000 to 30000 = 20 to 30 seconds.

                    http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc978614.aspx (Info regarding the Registry Key)

                    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\HungAppTimeout

                    This then give you 20-30 seconds to select a save location for your PDF.


                    In my case (Windows 7 64bit) the Registry entry was missing.

                    I had to create it from scratch and reboot.

                    If ENTRY IS MISSING:

                    Goto the folder in the registry

                    Right Click  - NEW - STRING VALUE

                    Name it exactly as above including CAPS: HungAppTimeout

                    Set the value to 20000 (For 20 seconds or more if you need it)

                    Reboot Windows.


                    After that Printing to PDf with Acrobat works 100%.

                    Note this option also helped on my Windows XP PC.

                    I hope this prevents others from struggling as much as I did to fogure this out.


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                      dakkona Level 1

                      I've been struggling with this for over a year with Acrobat 9.5. I just found this answer, and it worked perfectly. Thank you!!!

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                        antoniyip Level 1

                        it works in my Edge browser ! thank you very much !