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    Scripting the lenght of a page (for smooth scrolling in DPS)

    Gusgsm Level 2

      Hi, folks


      I am quite a layman in this scripting world but I have a question that I would really need answered. It's not so much a question of 'how' but one of 'is this possible with scripting'?


      We want to set up a system where the pages would be automatically created with XML input from a short set of templates so that they end as indesign documents in a given folder.


      We have a very clear idea now on how to do that. But now, I have to take a design decission: Should I try using "one-page articles" with pages of variable lengt depending on the size of the body text frame? (so that they make afterwards smooth scrolling in Adobe DPS)?


      What refrains me from doing that is that body text will be variable in size and lenght. So... I cannot predetermine which length must have the main frame in the pages and, consequently, I cannot predetermine the lenght of the pages (expressed as top margin + body frame length + bottom margin).


      The question for scripting: Is it possible that you may run a script that does this?


      - Text is input into the main body text frame via XML import.

      - Frame is resized so that it fits with content (no more, no less).

      - Page is then resized so that (expressed as top margin + body frame length + bottom margin) it keeps designed proportions.


      I hope what I want is clear enough, because that is the doubt that is stopping me from trying the one long page winding way. Any idea, please?


      Thanks a lot


      Gustavo (Posting from Madrid)