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    Premiere Pro cs 5.52 vs Premiere Pro cs 6.01 (windows)

    Fabio Pis Level 1

      Hello to all,

      I have this simple scene setup in my timeline:


      11 clips with no cuts or transitions for a total sequence lenght of 10 minutes

      Clips are in full hd (Avchd from a sony consumer cameras)


      I send to encore to create a blu ray disk.


      5.52 encoding time = 3.33 minutes

      6.01 encoding time = 7.25 minutes


      recording on blu ray disk on bd-rw (2x) about 4 minutes for both


      I saw some posts that certified cs6 is slower than cs 5.5.

      Are my results correct?

      May I have a problem with my setup?


      My config is:

      Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

      I7 980x@4.0 ghz

      24 gb ddr3 cl 9 1600 mhz

      boot disk 240 gb force Gt

      raid 2 raptor 600 gb each

      Nvdia geforce GTX 680 2gb (reference model)


      Thank you in advance