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    Dynamic Link does not open Project on 2nd computer


      Has anyone run into this situation?


      Creating a  Premiere ver CS6 project on the mac and creating a dynamic linked comp in Premiere to a After Effects comp works well until the project file is shared with another computer that did not create the project.


      When the files are opened on another MAC, same CS6 version the Premiere project will not open. It cannot find the linked comp. It will NOT open the project file what so ever!   I go back to the original computer that created the project and render out the AE linked comp files and import them as movies by replacing the dynamic linked comp files then resave the project. (Note: I have not deleted the comp files in the project, only on the timeline). I then try to open the files from the other computer the Premiere project will still NOT open.  Again, back to the original computer that created the file, open the project and DELETE in the project pane any files that are AE linked comp files, even though they are NOT being used now in the timeline, resave the project, now the project will OPEN on the other computer.


      All these files are on a standalone portable drive, the Premiere project scratch files are all specified to be on this standalone drive as well when the project is opening. It seems if any file is a "Linked comp file" and is not opened on the computer that created it, it will not open the project file. It does not act like a misplaced, missing file that it will ask you to located the file, or will still open the project regardless if it cannot find the file(s).


      if your sharing project files or getting a new computer and try to open up a project file from the previous computer with linked comps you will NOT be able to do so.  This has been my experience so far with CS6 on the Mac.