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    Fireworks crashing!


      I was wondering if anyone can help?
      I have studio MX on my MAC system, and I recently installed the new leopard operating system. Since doing this I have come across several quirky faults which I have been able to resolve but this one has me stumped. Basically I can get Fireworks to start running, but as soon as I try to do anything at all, it crahes / freezes up and I have to force quit. I am trying in vain just to create a simple pop up menue for a website but going round in circles as the app just won't work ;0(
      I have tried deleting all preferences and re-installing, I have also played around with fonts to see if this was an issue, but still nothing,

      Can anyone help or have you experienced similar (have a solution?) I would appreciate any feedback.

      Frustrated Designer ;-s