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    flash player on google chrome: audio stream issues

    sebpatu2000 Level 1


      Just to let you know that i get an audio stream bug on google chrome with the latests realease.

      the received streamed audio in visio chat (i use Adobe LCCS to stream and receive it) is messy (echos etc).


      When i disable this latests release, it works fine again.

      with 11,3,300,271 realease


      Funny thing is that:

      if i receive the audio stream and get the bug on my website.

      and if at the same time i open a new tab with youtube

      the bug is fixed for my website, even if i close the youtube tab after that.

      but whenever i try to close and reopen the audio stream again, the bug comes back.


      I don't believe its a bug associated to my specific configuraiton, but its for every one.

      i get the bug on other computers too.




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          I noticed the past two days that Solitaire Blitz game on Facebook and Jewel Quest game on Yahoo are flying now.  I installed 11.4 a few days ago and still have protected mode disabled, but I didn't notice this change until Tuesday evening.  The only thing different about my computer Tuesday is that I had disabled Java.  (I received an email tip from Kim Komando saying Java has security flaws and should be disabled until they can be patched.)  Could there be a conflict between Flash and Java, with Java causing Flash to be slightly slower?  This isn't a real "problem" for me, as I thought both games were working fine prior to disabling Java; but I did notice they were even faster the last couple of days.