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    Project Search function is useless.

    Jim Curtis Level 3

      Whenever I click in the project Search field, I get a beachball for 10 seconds.  I type a character, beach ball for 10 seconds.  This happens for every character I type.  When I hit return, I get the beach ball for 20-30 seconds.  Then the results aren't filtered according to my search criteria.




      I'm working on a RED project.  I imported all my media, which includes the proxies.  I'm trying to segregate the _H files from the R3D and the _P, etc.  When I enter "_H" in the search field, my results contain _M and _P as well.


      Useless.  I might as well just do my searching manually.


      However, I should say that it does work some times, although the input beachballs are always there.  There just seems to be no method to whether the results match my input criteria.


      I have filed a bug report, but I'm wondering if anybody else has this problem.



      Mac 10.7.4, Pr 601