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    Help! Is my hardware insufficient?!


      I'm the Corporate Trainer for a tile company with about 130 employees.  My background is sales and tile-related knowledge instead of anything with computers.  However, I am fairly adept at electronics and have learned a LOT lately (thank you Lynda.com).
      I am currently using Camtasia 8.0.2 for all screen capture-related training.  I have an old version of Premier Pro CS3 from when we did some training videos back in 2007 and am trying to convince my boss to upgrade to CS6 as well as get me a HPE h8-1360t quad-core. 


      The laptop I was supplied with in March I believe is not ideal/adepquate for the type of audio/video editing I will be doing.  I don't seem to have many issues with the simple screen capture related videos but when I do recordings from a camcorder and import high resolution pictures the system can get very choppy and render times for videos take FOREVER and sometimes lock up my system.
      Any feedback on whether I can make what I have work or whether I need to upgrade and if so with what would be hugely appreciated.

      HP Probook 6550b
      Intel Core i3 CPU - 2.40GHz
      4gb RAM (upgraded from 2gb recently hoping it would speed things up)
      32-bit operating system


      Thanks for any help or input you can provide!