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    Add PROPERTY to Fields for "Field Name"


      I want to have each field with a unique name when it arrives in the Responses report. Then, when I export to csv or Excel, I can manage the data knowing each column has a well-formatted and unique name. This is unique from the field's "text".


      I read a response from Randy that one can double-click on the title cell in the responses page, and type in a new name there, which becomes essentially the field name. This does not replace the field's text.


      However with more than 200 fields in my form, this would be a tedious process. Also, naming fields should be part of the form design process, not in the responses side.


      I recommend that the field definition pop-up, when designing a form, should include in the field's properties a FIELD_NAME. The help should make clear the character set allowed in field names (or perhaps this could be part of the user's options, such as prohibiting backslash, etc.)


      Thank you for a growing tool!