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    Can't view project once compiled.

    Theodorakis55 Level 1

      I am converting from Winhelp (RH8) to Webhelp (RH9).  I have imported and I can see the imported word document from the Winhelp project, but once I compile and go to view it I get a blank page.  I am using Word 2003.  Anyone have an idea why I can't see the compiled project?

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Can you please confirm that your RH9 WebHelp project has been created in the RoboHelp HTML application and not the RH for Word application you previously used for WinHelp? Also when you imported the content did you import the RTF file? It would also be worth checking that you have all the RH9 updates installed. Click on the Help > Updates menu item to ensure you have them. the latest version is 9.0.2. If you still have issues, try posting an image of what you are seeing. you can do this via the camera toolbar icon above.