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    Spot color to Process color conversion

    sperry1975 Level 1

      I have a book that my boss is wanting printed. This book is filled with RGB / Spot colors. I've discovered that if I go to the "ink manager" I can check the box "All Spots to Process", but the strange thing is after doing that I check in my swatches pannel and discover that nothing was converted. What's up with that? I also found a handy script for converting all RGB colors to CMYK, but I have yet to locate a script to convert all spot to process colors in the swatches pannel. Anyone know where I can get a script for that?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It will still output as process. You can confirm that by using the separations preview panel.





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            sperry1975 Level 1

            Okey, that's great but I would still like to convert all the spots to process in the swatches pannel all at once like I can with the script for rgb to cmyk. Any ideas on that?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You really don't want to do that, you just think you do. Redining the spots as process means they would need to be redifined again if you ever need to output them as spot. Using the ink manager is "effectively" doing the redfinition, and if you check the Use Lab Valus box it will even convert them to better mixes for whatever CMYK profile you choose for output, increasing the chances of a good match (since most spots don't convert will to CMYK). The built-in CMYK values are for some unknown profile that most likely is not the same as the one you will be using.

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                rob day Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you are using OSX try this AppleScript:



                tell application "Adobe InDesign CS6"

                    tell document 1

                        set accurate LAB spots to true

                        repeat with a from 1 to count of every color


                                set model of color a to process

                                set space of color a to CMYK

                            end try

                        end repeat

                    end tell

                end tell