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    Square and rectangular pixels?

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      Do Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, After Effects and Premiere all work with square or rectangular pixels?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Both, as needed.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Photoshop added full support for most common non-square pixels, at version CS. It is handled at either New Image (using one of the Video Presets), or from Image>Pixel Aspect Ratio.


            After Effects has had that support for sometime now. Cannot cite a version, when it was introduced.


            As Illustrator and Fireworks are basically Vector Image programs, I am not sure about their support for non-square pixels. That said, Video is Raster and not Vector, so one would probably want to Open or Place an AI Vector Image in Photoshop for the Rasterization, and then Save_As a Raster Image, using square, or non-square pixels. Not sure if more recent versions of PrPro will handle the Rasterization of Vector Images, as good as PS, but I still use my old workflow - AI to PS to PrPro.


            Been so long, since I used Fireworks, anything that I might have known is moot now. Think that was back in the MacroMedia days, with about Studio 8, and hence probably before Photoshop CS added non-square pixel support.


            Good luck,



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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

              I had to go look in Illustrator and Fireworks to make sure, but no, they do not have the ability to work with different pixel aspect ratios.


              In Illustrator, if you select NTSC DV it sets the pixels to 654X480.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Thanks for that confirmation. Due to the nature of those programs, I assumed that they would not.


                With AI, if I am doing Vector Art work, that will end up in Video, I use Photoshop to do the Rasterization, so have never needed non-square pixels, in AI.





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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5



                  I have to tell you that I am extremely pleased with the Creative Cloud concept. Since I am a hobbyist (I have not had a paying customer in years) and primarily a technical person dabbling in the creative arts - a dilettante really - but one who ended up making a bit of money revising and reviewing books, and creating online tutorials (both profitable beyond my original expectations) - the idea of being able to have all of the Adobe products is really marvelous.


                  I used to think about how great it would be to have Dreamweaver, or Acrobat, or many other programs that were not included in the Production Premium CS3 package (the last one I got for free from Adobe so I could produce tutorials). Yet how could I justify the expense? Now, for $29.99/month I have almost everything. If I ever get an iPad I suppose I will have to buy the touch apps, but for now, I have it all. Muse, Fireworks, Lightroom, etc.


                  I think the Creative Cloud might be the best idea Adobe ever had. If I had to justify $2599 for the Master Collection I could not do it. Or even the $1399 upgrade from CS3. But I can justify $29.99/month even though it might eventually mean that I pay more than the $2500. But I will always have the latest and the greatest software and even some software that isn't in the Master Collection.


                  I know, I know. In the long run I could have saved money. Maybe. It depends on how often Adobe upgrades their suites. And if I stay involved and want to keep getting the latest and greatest. Sure there is the danger that I might lose access to my software by letting my subscription lapse. But that is unlikely and worth taking the chance.


                  I don't mean to hype Adobe any more than normal, but I have to say that it is fun playing with new toys any time I want.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I am now in a similar position, but have just not warmed to the Creative Cloud concept. I do see instances, where it is a godsend, but I am not ready. However, there is speculation that it will be the ONLY way with Adobe products, and then I will either just stick with what I end up with, or strongly consider it. Until that time, I sort of plod along...


                    Thanks for your observations,



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                      I can see it now... years from now...


                      my internet service provider ( mediacom now in MN. ) who is also into tv and phone service as a package, gets into a fight with comcast or verizon fios or whatever...and suddenly the pressures of streaming videos ( downloads but also UPLOADS of your products on the cloud ) becomes a money matter vs. superstructure ( think cisco , att, etc ).


                      Now all of a sudden for no reason that you anticipated your 'internet connection' is not available for a week or so. That happens to coincide with the adobe cloud 'update' monthly check to see if you are a bonefide customer and deserve to use your product ( adobe products on cloud ).


                      Now you have something you're working on and nothing is working and you're getting messages about not having access...and that is from Adobe...your subscription is lapsed. But it has nothing to do with that ...it is about your local provider ( isp ). Or maybe it is a problem with your commercial 'server' who suddenly has problems with the network...


                      In short, the more you allow others to get between you and the product you make, and your customers... the more you get into a situation where you might fail to provide your service and expertise.  That is why in the past most really big industrialists and smart businessmen 'bought' the transportations and pipelines, or 'contracted with gurantees and penalties for lack of service ( called service agreements in IT companies now)


                      If I have a product I have to make I will buy my own truck to deliver it. If it is something I need to contract for with a trucking company I won't let them just walk out on me when they have a problem with their union drivers. I will have in that contract a clause where they HAVE to supply that service or else pay me for my loss until I find a way to replace them.  Know what I mean? This cloud stuff is just basically using little people with no clue what they are giving away in terms of "faith in service" ...for cheap price, to substantially bail them out ( bail out adobe cause pc sales are down and their sales are down for standalone program suites ).


                      If you are a pro , don't go with the cloud because you are letting too many middlemen into your bed....isp, network infrastructure, and product manufacturer aint gonna give you a free full suite when that other stuff fails on you. Even if your BANK fails and your credit card doesnt work until the FDIC makes things right...you are screwed.  I just don't get it...why anyone would go with the cloud. What's the cloud ? Think about it. It's " up there "....you have no control over it.





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                        Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                        Not a problem for me. I work for a telephone company. Nobody can block my service at my office desk - but I can block theirs. Bwah Ha Ha!


                        Seriously, I know you don't have to stay connected. I am reasonably sure that they put something on your PC to cause it to warn you to connect up for their check of your subscription. But I imagine that you can probably call in for a code of some kind if worse came to worse.


                        Keep in mind that the apps are not in the cloud. You download them. Adobe took a lot of liberties by even using the word Cloud.


                        Besides, if you lose your connection to the web, you might not be able to pay the trucker, or get your raw materiels for your product. I think you may be overthinking it.  Besides, if worse came to worse, you can always go down to the store and buy a copy in a box. Unless you do your banking online in which case you may be SOL for sure.