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    Question about mx:TextInput and the side of a screen


      Hello guys,



      I am programming a small software and I need to use a Text Input in a filter but this filter is in a grid table in the right edge of my screen. I need 200 px in this text input and I need it to be showed inside the grid:




      I am using this code:


      <elevati:FilterRendererBase creationComplete="list.setFocus();">

                                      <mx:TextInput id="list" width="200" restrict="^\\\&quot;" enter="click_filtrar()"/>                                               



                                              import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

                                              private function click_filtrar():void {

                                                  dispatchEvent(new Event('removeFiltro_Event', true));

                                                  var obj:Object = new Object();

                                                  obj.colunaGrid = colunaGrid;

                                                  obj.campo = "vendedor";

                                                  obj.condicional = " LIKE ";

                                                  obj.variavel = " \""  + list.text + "%\" ";


                                                  dataGrid.dispatchEvent(new Event('filtrarGrid', true));

                                                  dispatchEvent(new Event('filtroPersonalizado_Event', true));






      Can someone help me making this text input inside the grid?