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    InDesign CS3 no longer seeing font

    Ken Krugh Level 1

      We have a project we just finished which was worked on at different times on three different computers, all InD CS3, Windows XP. The project uses the Britannic Bold TTF font with which we had no trouble during production and a completed / final PDF has gone to the client.


      Now, however, when opening the files on any computer InD thinks it needs the OTF version of that font. The font file hasn't changed nor has anything on those machines related to InDesign, they're all running the latest version of CS3.


      The only thing that HAS possibly updated on those computers is Acrobat 9. Is it possible that InD could be affected by THAT?


      I've seen similar posts about TTF showing as an OTF and I understand that a .TTF file can be an OTF "flavor" font but I've not seen anything else where InD changed (in effect) the type of font it was "seeing."


      Reassigning the font that InD thinks is an OTF with the TTF font doesn't seem to change anything but I'd like to avoid this problem in the future.


      Just now noticed that the OTF that InD thinks is missing its showing as "Regular" but the TTF shows as "Bold" in the InD menu.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      All the Best,