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    Submission Receipts and Adobe ID's

    dmasonmarketing Level 1

      I would like the reply to field on the Submission Receipts to display the email address my company uses for customer service. I do not wish to show my personal corporate email address--nor my Adobe ID that owns the subscription to FormsCentral--as it is not appropriate to the use of this form.


      I have listed the customer service email account as a co-author and sent the invitation. However, Adobe does not allow me to register this email with an Adobe ID for no apparent reason.  Is there no other way to add additional email choices?


      IMO, tying this option to a "co-author" and then subsequently requiring set-up of an Adobe ID for each co-author is quite a hassle. especially when you don't allow the email account in question to register in the first place!


      Thanks for any assistance you can provide.