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    Cut a video to add rallenty effect after the normal speed scene


      is there a way to do this easy?

      i have a scene where i ball fall on the ground (in example)

      i want to show this scene in normal speed

      just put the video in AE

      then to make a rallenty i make another layer with the video cutted with ctrl+shift+d then another one so i have a total of three layers

      the first one is the begin of the video with the normal scene

      the second one is the rallenty then the third one is the continuation...

      is there a way to make this easier?

      there is just a way to make a "hole" in the video timeline?

      the timeline line (word joke XD) when you trim the video appear darker, is there a way to make this darker zone appear in the center to let another thing in the middle of the video appear?

      or i have to work with layer?


      i hope that my pathetic english is enough to explain what i want to do