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    Get masks up to node based systems level?

    kaczorefx Level 1

      Ok seriously, I don't feel one way or the other about node based systems, they are powerfull but then again the project UI gets quickly cluttered and I prefer the way AE utilizes the screen space (most of the screen for viewing the actual image your working on instead of the project tree )


      But one thing I can't get over are masks. In node based systems each mask is a separate node, with all of the node transform properties.

      So you can scale the mask or rotate it on top of the shape animation it already has.


      Would it really be that hard to add a transforms property to every mask, right there with feather and opacity? So we could for instace apply tracking data to each mask separately on the same layer?


      Being a developer myself, I'm guessing masks are treated as vectors all the way to the end so multiplying them by one more transformation matrix is really simple from the coding side. It is also clean and simple from UI and usability point of view. Can't believe that after all these years we still don't have this


      Who would want that in AE? Maybe with enough votes we could actually put this in