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    Blank Pages - unsupported PDF Feature

    raeben3 Level 3

      Borrowed a book from OpenLibrary.org   -- it's titled Longfellow Genealogy by Russel C. Farnham.  Two version are available - a low res and a high res. The Low res loads fine but has a lot of glyph errors in it.  The high res version loads as blank pages -- the text is there you can select it but it is not visible -- white on white background.  The Info for the file reads "unsupported PDF feature". 


      The same thing happens on my Windows 7 as on on Mac OSX 10.6.8 machine, both running latest version of Digital Editions.


      I read in one older post that the unsupported PDF feature can be due to using a font DE does not have -- Is this the same thing as using an embedded font?


      This is most frustrating because I can see the text is there, but I can't read it because it is white.  Is there any way to find out what font it is looking for and/or authorize a substitution (assuming that is the problem). 

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          ADE does not contain all of the features that are found in Reader.  The

          statements to that effect are in the Help section of Digital Editions.  So,

          you can catch an unsupported feature if the creator used it assuming that

          it would be supported in DE because it's supported in Reader.



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            I have exactly the same problem: the document is loaded but all pages are blank. The note is indeed: Unsupported PDF features. Who cares? I just want to read the book! How come ebraries allow this frustrating situation with ADE? I am accessing the service via the University of Helsinki so I am wondering where shall I report this malfunction?

            Does anyone have a simple answer as to how to read the "blank" book? That would be great. Thank you!