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    Blank Pages - unsupported PDF Feature

    raeben3 Level 3

      Borrowed a book from OpenLibrary.org   -- it's titled Longfellow Genealogy by Russel C. Farnham.  Two version are available - a low res and a high res. The Low res loads fine but has a lot of glyph errors in it.  The high res version loads as blank pages -- the text is there you can select it but it is not visible -- white on white background.  The Info for the file reads "unsupported PDF feature". 


      The same thing happens on my Windows 7 as on on Mac OSX 10.6.8 machine, both running latest version of Digital Editions.


      I read in one older post that the unsupported PDF feature can be due to using a font DE does not have -- Is this the same thing as using an embedded font?


      This is most frustrating because I can see the text is there, but I can't read it because it is white.  Is there any way to find out what font it is looking for and/or authorize a substitution (assuming that is the problem). 

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          I have exactly the same problem: the document is loaded but all pages are blank. The note is indeed: Unsupported PDF features. Who cares? I just want to read the book! How come ebraries allow this frustrating situation with ADE? I am accessing the service via the University of Helsinki so I am wondering where shall I report this malfunction?

          Does anyone have a simple answer as to how to read the "blank" book? That would be great. Thank you!