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    moving Tags

    Mars H

      I have Photoshop 8.0 on Windows XP.  I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 7 Professional.    All the pictures are on an external hard drive.  My problem is getting the tags to move.  I have followed instructions on the internet but either the intstructions dont work or what I see on the screen doesnt match up with the instructions.  Some of the tags show up on Imported Keywords, but not all the tags and some of the pictures that had tags no longer have tags.  I have since added a few picts and a few albums.  How do I get the rest of the tags to move the new new computer and still not lose any of the pictures or tags already on the new computer??

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          when copy/pasteing make sure you include the sidecar files with the image files. Some files don't need them as the metadata is saved in the image file, whereas other files like camera raw files from your camera require the sidecar file as you can not edit the raw file. All edits are in the sidecar file with the metadata.

          If you never changed the preferences for your windows explorer, odds are thoses files are hidden.


          I am no longer on an XP, so, my memory maybe fading.


          Try Tools>folder options>(there should be 3 tabs on a window that will pop up, the middle tab I think has the list of check boxes)

          Scroll down until you find known hidden file extentions and system files. Check both bothes to make those files become visible, clicking ok on the warning.

          You should now see the sidecar files next to each raw file. Ctrl-a to select all then copy/paste where you want them.

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            Mars H Level 1

            Thanks for your help.


            But I’m a little confused. 


            I think I found the correct places to check.  But I didn’t get a warning.  I was in the advanced options.


            Do I need to copy every picture?  I’m not sure how that would work since,  I am currently using an external hard drive to store the pictures. I use the same external drive to access from both computers. 


            Do I need to copy all the files  from the external to the XP. Then erase the pictures from the external drive then copy them from the XP to the external drive?


            Again, thanks for your help



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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Copy only if they needed to be. If it is the same drive, then copying is not required. The warning I mentioned is for the hidden system files only, it is microsofts way to scare beginners from accidently deleting files that windows requires.

              If you already had those files, set to visible, then you would not get that warning.


              Let's say for argument sake that you have 3 hard drives, 1) internal on the XP 2)external backup 3)internal on the windows 7


              Lets also say all the images are Canon camera raw and they are all located on the XP drive only.


              The direction I posted earlier would let you copy and paste all the images which would be cr2 files with sidecar files or xmp files. Each cr2 file has a coresponding xmp file with the same filename. ex. flowers in room.cr2 flowers in room.xmp


              In windows explorer you can select all files in a folder including sub folders so its possible to just copy and paste the pictures folder. ctrl-a is the shortcut for select all.

              With the files and folders selected you can drag them to the external drive.


              Now in windows 7 make sure the files are not hidden there as well.

              Repeat the process select your folders and files and drag them from the external drive to your internal windows 7 system.


              This process allows you to decide what folders and what files are to be transfered. Including the ability to do all at the same time.

              However if either system is set to hide known file types those files will not be selected when you select all as windows explorer can not see them.


              In this case I think the hidden know files types is more important than the system files. I personally like to make both visible, that way I know what is in the folders. This includes the database for the icons for that folder, that file you can ignore, but its nice to know what is listed anyway.


              If all your images are jpg, tiff or png, then you shouldn't have to worry as the metadata and edits are suppose to be included in the original file. Yep, camera raw and lightroom will put your edits in the header of the file rather than edit the pixels. That is why both are called non-destructive editors. Anything you do in either app can be undone at a later date.

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                Mars H Level 1

                Thank you so much.  I appreciate your time and expertise in this matter.  I’m sorry I feel like I’m not getting the hang of it.


                Two issues:


                1) How do I show the hidden files in Windows 7 Professional?  In PSE (reminder I have 8.0), I clicked  “show All files” under “Hidden files” under the tab “View”.  This did not reveal any new tags either on the pictures or new Keyword tag in the Tag List side bar.




                2) My set up is External drive with all pictures that were entered thru XP computer but saved on External drive.  Then I have my Windows 7 Professional that accesses the same external hard drive to retrieve the pictures.  Most of the Tags don’t show on the pictures.  And the few Keyword tags that do show on the Tag List side bar are all under the “Imported Keyword Tag”.


                Again, Thank you so much for your help.



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                  Mars H wrote:


                  … In PSE (reminder I have 8.0)…


                  Ah, then you don't have Photoshop, you have Photoshop Elements!  That's an entirely different application.


                  In that case, you should post in the Photoshop Elements forum:


                  Photoshop Elements forum

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                    There are enough differences that one can honestly say that not many folks here are familiar with Photoshop Elements at all.

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                      Mars H Level 1

                      Thank you for your help.



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                        You're welcome.  I had been scratching my head trying to figure out what you meant by "tags".  Note that Silkrooster didn't mention that nomenclature in his responses to you.  Must be Elements terminology.

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                          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          My fault, I assumed again... I assumed he meant keywords for metadata. I beleive some of Microsoft's apps call them tags.