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    Workflow: Fireworks + Dreamweaver + Muse?


      Are there any recommendations, either from Adobe or from user experience, on workflow for those of us who at times want to use Fireworks with Muse or Dreamweaver with Muse?


      I had understood from presentations that this is not specifically supported by Muse, but then participants / demonstrators showed projects where they used DW and FW with Muse.


      Example? I have projects that a client wants template elements that are raster - cannot be rendered by even the most advanced CSS, etc. This needs to be 'cut' in FW. My typical workflow with something like this would be to render in photoshop, cut in FW and then produce / edit code in DW. There are items that render very well in Muse. Why not bring a project like this into Muse as a last step?


      Any recommendations or advice?


      Any tutorials or links that go with your advice?