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    How can I stop InDesign CS5 crashing when using Smart Reflow?


      I'm running InDesign CS5 with latest update (updated today, Sep 1st) on OSX 10.6.8


      I have Smart Reflow switched on in the preferences and a standard document set up with a single text box on each master page, that are linked together.


      I want to paste in a load of text and I want Smart Reflow to create new pages to accommodate it. Everything's set up ready to go.


      UNFORTUNATELY every time InDesign goes to auto-create a new page, it crashes. I can restart it easily and repair the file, but I cannot get it to automatically create new pages. It crashes every time, whether it's 1 new page or 100.


      Seems a lot of people are having this problem and I can't find any help from adobe.


      Any ideas?