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    Lens Correction and Cropped Pixels

    rmintzes Level 1

      I'm starting out as an architectural photographer, and as I don't yet have a perspective correcting lens to adjust images in-camera, I need to use the Lens Correction tools in Photoshop and ACR.  I prefer to use them over the Free Transform tool for the sake of accuracy (and convenience), but I do have an issue with the tools.  When I correct the perspective of an image and then process, whatever extends beyond the boundary of the canvas winds up being automatically deleted, and it seems as if there's no setting to prevent this from happening.  As there is sometimes a piece of a photo that I would like to be able to retain (i.e. extra sky, the top of a building, etc.), I understand that I can scale down the image in the Lens Correction tool and then re-crop after processing.  Of course then this causes the image to still be smaller than I would like it to be (in certain cases where the distortion correction is more extreme, an original 21MP photo might become a 12 or 13MP photo after processing in the Lens Correction due to scale-down).


      Is there any way that the Lens Correction tool will allow for pixels extending beyond the boundaries of the canvas to remain uncropped, thus allowing me to expand the canvas in order to reclaim the extra information?Correction Question.jpg