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    Deinterlace avi


      I want to deinterlace an .avi in Adobe After Effects CS4 now that I have installed it.


      My camera is a cheap FlipCam for only $20 that spits out a 1080i interlaced avi that is suitable for analog television but causes lines, color fuzzing specks, and causes blurriness when an object is moving when played back on a pixel discreet monitor such as the LCD screen of my laptop that I am viewing the video on.


      How do I do it?


      I don't see it as an option in the program, but I just opened the program  5 minutes ago after installing 5 minutes ago and it is too overwelming for me bc I am a noobling use to using the cheapware NCH VideoPad Master's Edition.



      EDIT:  I stop being a noob and I use my brain and I discover there is something called "Reduce interlace flicker" in the effects pannel of AAE CS4.


      I set the "warmess" to the max at "3.0" decimal value and I did observe a dramatic decrease in the color fuzzing specks, the lines, and the blurinees when I set the warmness decimal value to 3.0 compared to 0.0



      Is this the effect that I desire?