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    I am confused about chapter numbers and ToC

    Gerben Wierda Level 1

      Hello InDesign users,


      My apologies for posting a question here with probably an obvious answer, but I have been searching for hours, reading the manual, watching videos and have not come close to a solution.


      I am trying out InDesign, deciding of I am going to use it for my book project (which contains a lot of graphics, diagrams to be precise)


      I have a single document that will turn into a book of around 200 pages. I want to do something very simple: I want 'chapters' and 'sections'  in my book. And I want a Table of Contents. And I want to use the numbers in footers/headers. All this must be possible, but I keep getting stuck with results that I do not want.


      I am not looking for actually splitting my book project into multiple indd documents and collecting these in a InDesign book document. That gives me a lot of extra complexity of linking all these different documents that I do not need. I am looking to internally structure my document.


      I have tried to create two paragraph styles ("Heading 1" and "Heading 2"). I have made these styles numbered. Problem one, I cannot get

      1. Chapter Name

      text text text

      1.1 Section Name

      test text text


      I tried using a "chaptering" number and set it to level 2 for the "Heading 2" style, but I just get

      1. Chapter Name

      text text text

      1. Section Name

      text text text


      When having a chapter Introduction and numbering it. When I create a Table of Contents, I can ry what I want, but the "Heading 1" entry gets formatted as in the main flow, while the "Heading 2"  entry gets its own ToC style. I also get double numbers, the ToC numbers itself and the entry has another number, something like



      1. 1. Introduction


      I have serached around for a video or page.document that shows clearly what you need to do to have hierarchically numbered 'chapters' in your document, but I have been unable to find it. Can someone gove me a link that makes it clear?

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          Alec Molloy Employee Moderator

          Have you seen this document:




          You should change the "level" setting for the second level heading.

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            Gerben Wierda Level 1

            I had already experimented with changing the level setting, as I wrote above, but that does not help. I've read the link you sent me and that clarifies it a bit more for me (thanks) but I'm still not clear on what I need to do (I come from the TeX world where the stuff is normally conceptual and not visual, or Word processing where it already has been designed (styles, numbering and relation with ToC))


            Anyway, I am creating a pretty ordinary book, for print. It is a technical book and contains lots of diagrams, some become pretty large. I need A4 because otherwise labels on the largest diagrams will not be readable. The largest diagrams are more wide than high, hence I have the choice between tow basic layouts:

            - A4 landscape, 3 column text, no spreads (the book flips around at the top edge), gives me the best option for diagrams

            - A4 portrait, 2 column text, spreads. This gives me the option to have almost A3 diagrams, which will then be presented twice (in two frames with overlap what is shown in the frames). Disdavantage: the A4 landscape diagrams will have to be rotated  because they are too small for the split-diagram approach and too large to fit in the width of the portrait A4.

            I haven't entirely made my mind up yet. A4 landscape is in many ways impractical. All pages (except a few exceptions) must have the same master layout.


            In terms of structure, as it must be navigatable in print, I need hierarchical numbering. The book has

            - Chapters (6, not including index, etc)

            - Sections in each chapter (roughly 4 per chapter)

            - Subsections per section (up to 30, each handling a specific problem)


            To be able to find stuff easily in a print version, the subsection needs to be bumbered so that as you flip through the book, you easily see if you are close to the subsection you are looking for.


            So, I need a ToC that in the end looks like:

            1. Basic Stuff

                 1.1 Basic Stuff Intro ....... 3

                 1.2 Basic Stuff Next ....... 7

                      1.2.1 Problem A ....... 7

                      1.2.2 Problem B ....... 8

                      1.2.3 Problem C ....... 10




            Now, I have the choice. Either each chapter is an Id document which is aggregated in an Id book. Or chapters are Id-sections in an Id document. I start with the last option.


            Basically what I have to find out is

            - how to get the numbering done in the (sub)section headings.

            - how to get the chapter name/number and section name/number in the footer/header


            I am playing around with paragraph styles, but InDesign crashed on me when trying that (actually, I've had it crashing twice in two days, not a good sign during a trial...)

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Peter Gold, I believe, and probably others, have gone into pretty deep detail here in the past on how to set this up, so a forum search would probably net you some helpful threads.

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                Gerben Wierda Level 1

                Peter, thank you for your answer. I am probably rather stupid, because I don't see a search box for these forums. I use Google currently to look for tips. (Generally, the problem with searches remains that you find many hits, and you have no idea which one is relevant. And I have not yet enough knowledge to recognize if a link is relevant, which makes it tediously slow going to find information).


                Updated: Found search behaviour of the forum. It is the "What can we help you with" item.


                I have found the numbering solution, though. Instead of ^#.^t I have set ^1.^2 in the label. This gives me 1.1, 1.2, etc.. I haven't looked at ToC yet, nor getting the section name in a footer.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I think I may have misremembered the extent of Peter Gold's explanations (sorry Peter, if I have this wrong, please remind me). The badly labeled "Ask a Question" field at the top of the forum page is really a search box, and here's a page of results that might help you: http://forums.adobe.com/search.jspa?resultTypes=&dateRange=all&peopleEnabled=true&q=%22num bered+lists%22+multi-level+&containerType=14&container=3359&containerName=InDesign&usernam e=&rankBy=date&numResults=15


                  On of the links in that list points to an InDesign Secrets article that also looks very promising (and seems to contradict my assertion that you need two lists -- remember I said I don't use lists much): http://indesignsecrets.com/multi-level-automatic-numbering-in-indesign%20.php


                  And check these two blog posts from Bob Bringhurst:

                  http://blogs.adobe.com/indesigndocs/2009/04/numbered_lists_part_i_outlines.html and http://blogs.adobe.com/indesigndocs/2009/04/numbered_lists_part_ii_multile.html

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                    Gerben Wierda Level 1

                    Thanks, this was all really helpful and I now understand the concept of using paragraph styles for numbering and cross referencing.