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    problems calling javascript / vbscript

      am trying to keep track of what part of the flash broswer the user is out so that can bookmark that exact spot without going to the beggning everytime.

      if IE flash sends an fscommand to a vbscript telling it to update the address bar it works fine but i also have a portfolio menu that when you click on it uses a javascript function to pop-up a window the the portfolio piece in it. after you pop a window the address bar nolonger updates but the vbscript function is still running and if i alert the location.href it even says the address bar says what the address bar is supposed to say but the address bar doesnt actually change. even worse if i click to open a second portfolio piece i just get a blank page. does anyone have any ideas on what is going on? thanks....my site is http://altoonadesign.com