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    Having a lot of trouble with CS6 tools-So Frustrating!

    EYElene Level 1

      I asked this question before and nobody could help me.

      But I am so frustrated I am posting it again and hoping this time someone can help me figure it out.

      It's regarding the clone and patch tools.

      When I try to correct something it goes to a completely different spot and messes everything up.

      It did this in my previous version of CS5 too.

      But when I use PS7 there's no problem.

      It's quite stressful and taking up so much time as I do all my color correcting in CS6 and then have to do the rest of my retouching in PS7.

      I don't understand the problem.

      I thought if might be my graphic pen but if it was I would have that same problem in PS7.

      Also, I tried using a different tablet but it still gave me the same trouble.

      Grrrrrr! Please help!!