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    Can Flash remoting be used in 3 tier?

      I am seeking solutions that fits 3 tier application.

      In Wikipedia, I found
      1. " Action Message Format" is explained as "It is used primarily to exchange data between an Adobe Flash application and a database, using a Remote Procedure Call.", which reads like not a linear 3 tier model.

      2. " Adobe Flex#Overview" mentioned "In a multi-tiered model, Flex applications serve as the presentation tier.", which reads like workable for a linear 3 tier model.

      These messages seem to be conflicting each other.
      If anyone knows these well, please give me a hand.
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          anirudhs Level 2

          Action Message Format (AMF) is a binary data format that is used by servers to communicate with a flash application.

          What the data is or where the data comes from is decided by the server (which supports talking to flash apps via AMF like LCDS, BlazeDS, CF). It may be from a database or any other source.

          Flex does indeed serve as the presentation tier, but since it is a RIA, it also stores state internally. (That is, flex applications which is the overall presentation layer can have a microarchitecture in them which can be 3 tiered again).

          Take a look at Cairngorm for more details on the architecture on the flex side.