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    RAW Images Alter When Saved After Processing in CS5 Camera RAW?

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      I am currently experiencing a problem in Photoshop CS5, where after processing a CR2 RAW image file in Camera RAW, whether I then decide to open the image straight into CS5, or save as a jpeg or tiff file, the image completely alters from what I was previously seeing in the Camera RAW window?


      The saved jpeg/tiff, or image now shown in CS5 is now very tinted, where objects that were perfectly white in the Camera RAW window are now a dirty yellow colour.


      I was just wondering if there was any advice any of you could give me as to what the problem might be?


      I have made sure that both CS5 and the Camera RAW window are both set to sRGB, but it has had no effect on the problem.


      Thank you in advance for any help