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    Compatibility between Flash Prof. CS5 to CS6


      Anyone who can help me please leave a comment or a suggestion. I would gladly appreciate it!!


      I am starting a Digital Media class in college and CS5 is what is setup on the computers and textbooks are also about CS5 as well. They haven't upgraded to CS6 yet. I am mainly doing Photoshop, Flash Professional, and Illustrator in this class. I have just paid for and downloaded the Creative Cloud and everything pertains to CS6.


      My question is should I stick with using Flash Prof. CS5? Or can CS6 be used as long as I don't use the newer parts of the program?


      Also will there be compatible issues in say for instance I am doing a project and going back and forth from my computer at home (with CS6) to working on it at school (with CS5)? (Again only using the three programs I mentioned above)