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    swf quality


      Apologies if there is already a thread on this, but I didn't find anything in my searches.


      I create video ads which are streamed to players (made up of a PC and plasma monitor) that are displayed inside local businesses.  We recently changed the software we load on the PCs (3mds.com) to display these videos and while multiple file formats are supported, the preferred format is now .swf.  I have always built the ads within After Effects (CS5) and created .avi's, but there are issues with .avi and the new software. So, I have been creating .flv files from AE, importing into flash, then exporting as .swf from there.  When I import the .flv file into Flash (CS4), the images look great, but when I export to .swf, they become very pixellated.  I have been told the best way to create for this new software is to build the ads directly in flash, but I am not very well versed in Flash yet. The videos are basically just graphics and text that are usually animated.  The graphics degrade a little in the .swf files, but the text is really bad.


      Is there a way to retain the quality of the video when exporting to .swf?  Are there specific export settings in After Effects I can use that will help?  Or am I just going to have to learn Flash?


      Thanks in advance


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          don't import flv files into flash.  they loose fidelity (as you now know).


          add an flvplayback component to your fla (in flash) and assign its source to be your flv.  you can use a component with or without playback controls and skin.


          then publish your swf (which contains the flvplayback component but not the flv which is loaded during runtime).

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            cwwestland4 Level 1

            I haven't had time to check back in a while, but thanks for the answer.  Unfortunately I don't think this will work. These videos are not being viewed on a web page, they are being played on a system that has third party software installed from 3mds.com.  I am not exactly sure how that software works, but it does accept swf as a video format (also wmv, quicktime, etc). Whatever file format I use is uploaded to 3mds.com and it then sends the files in a playlist to the player systems we have in different locations which have the 3mds software loaded on them.  It will also play still or video by pulling from a url, so I may be able to use your suggestion and do that, but if not, what I need is a way to get a good quality swf file.  As I mentioned above, I prefer using After effects, so if there is a way to achieve that goal using AfterFX, that is great. Otherwise, I may need to learn Flash

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              As much as After Effects cost, doesn't it have a save as FLV option?

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                cwwestland4 Level 1

                See original question. It does export to flv but the software that plays the videos does not accept flv. Only swf. I have been creating flv and then making swf from that but the quality is no good.

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                  The best option would be to create everything (mainly text, though) in Flash, but these steps will help smooth the video -- if it is being scaled during playback -- as long as the FLV is on frame 1 and not in any movie clips.  It took me a while to figure out this work-around, but it works for scaling FLVs that must be embedded into the Flash file. It is a couple more steps if you have an FLV inside a movieclip.


                  1. Export a high quality (high bit rate) FLV from AfterEffects - I assume you know how to do this.
                  2. Create a Flash file and make the frame rate the same as your FLV.
                  3. Import the FLV into Flash, choose to embed FLV in SWF / timeline.
                  4. Add a new layer and label it "AS" (a keyframe on should already be on frame 1 - click on it)
                  5. Open the Action Script panel and enter "myFLV.smoothing = true;" without the quotes
                  6. Click on your FLV (should be on the stage upon importing it, if not, drag it to the stage & make sure the FLV is on its own layer)
                  7. In the "Properties Panel > Label > Name:" enter "myFLV" (no quotes)
                  8. Adjust your Flash publish settings accordingly - you shouldnt need HTML / you may need audio / etc.
                  9. Publish SWF and test


                  If the FLV is inside a movie clip

                  1. complete steps 1-5
                  2. add a new layer - put this laye at the bottom
                  3. add an instance of the FLV to that layer
                  4. shrink the FLV instance or move it off stage (if you have no other objects on stage that can block it from view during Frame 1)
                  5. Delete all frames in that layer except frame 1
                  6. Click on your FLV & In the "Properties Panel > Label > Name:" enter "myFLV" (no quotes)
                  7. complete steps 8 & 9


                  Now that FLV video will be smoothed whenever it is used in the timeline